About Us

Architects, interior designers, master planners and conservation architects in Preston and Manchester. We work locally and nationally and have projects in a number of sectors from building reuse through to masterplanning. Our work in practice is informed by writing, research and teaching.

Dominic Roberts is an architect and is on the register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC).

Sally Stone is Professor of Adaptive Reuse at Manchester School of Architecture and a designer specialising in building reuse and interiors.

Dino Kotlar is an Architect, Certified Passive House Designer and design tutor at Manchester School of Architecture.

Studio: Roberts & Stone Architects 1 Ribblesdale Place Preston PR1 3NA 

Company Information: Roberts & Stone Architects Ltd Company number: 05664573

Registered Office Address: Gladstone House 2 Church Road Liverpool L15 9EG




Dominic Roberts
Dino Kotlar
Francis Roberts
Consulting Architect
Sally Stone
Designer, Writer