Sacred Heart Catholic School

The original building was constructed in 1904 as a school and Catholic church, with the church on the first floor and classrooms below. The school and its walled external spaces occupy a section of the residential grid. The proposed new annexe building will be located in the existing playground of the school building. The form of the building will ensure that the end of the main school building will maintain its visibility, as depicted in historic photographs.

The triangular plan of the new annexe frames a new public courtyard overlooked by the reception. Visitors will be allowed to freely access this external space during school hours. The space will also allow occasional access through the original stepped entrance to the school. During normal school hours visitors will be required to enter the school through a secure sequence starting at the entrance lobby of the new annexe.

The annexe will have an internal ramp running from the public courtyard level to the existing floor level of the school, and will contain the reception, administration and head teacher office.